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I help startups and innovators to grow their business and build their brand.

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About me

I am Daiva S. Naldal – business advisor, trainer and coach.

I help startups and small-size companies to grow their business and build their brand. 

I bring more than 10 years of experience in marketing, innovation and new bizz development at headquarters of the LEGO group, and as a Jury member in international startup competitions at Creative Business Network. I am a mentor and coach for several entrepreneurs across the globe.

My goal is to help as many startups as possible to grow their businesses and reach their full potential

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I offer…


in formats that are relevant to you and your business.


I offer training, consulting and coaching through the entire process of your business development – so you can grow with confidence. I am your ‘playing coach’ – with the expertise, experience and attitude to win ‘the game’.

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I fuel inspiration and new opportunities to your
organisation & your innovation pipeline – through external communities of innovators and
new practices of collaboration and work principles

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I have been having mentoring sessions with Daiva for a few months now and they have been invaluable! Daiva draws on her extensive experience to challenge my thinking and help me recognize the archilles heel in my assumptions. Shifting our marketing focus to speak directly to kids has been a really important learning thanks to Daiva. Staying focused is always easier said than done, but Daiva has helped guide us to tools and techniques to help us stay on track. She is amazing!
Gemma PepperCEO / Co-Founder – AUDIOPLAY, Australia
Daiva took part in one of the final steps creating our company‘s positioning strategy. During the workshop with her we have managed to crystallize what was the most important, sustainable and valuable in our brand and our products. She helped us to finalize rather exhausting process and move to implementation step.
Vesta KrungolcienėBrand Executive Director, AB Audimas, Lithuania
I have worked with Daiva in her role as a coach, and later as a business partner for my startup Squar3D.
Daiva has a solid professional foundation and is forthcoming and direct in her communication. This has been wielded to very efficiently and effectively improve my business and to get a sensible strategy in place. She is very focused on executing and achieving results.
Through sparring and encouragement she pushes me to achieve the best possible results, while at the same time keeping the collaboration pleasant, encouraging and constructive.
I am very happy I got Daiva onboard very early in my startup, and feel that she has moved my business forward more in a month, than what I would have achieved in half a year.
Martin MortensenCEO, Denmark
Daiva Naldal er en yderst skarpsindig kapacitet indenfor brand strategi og brand story. Vi i FIVEMOREMINUTES har draget stor nytte af Daivas viden og know-how særligt med henblik på, at definere virksomhedens vækstmuligheder (nye potentielle kunder/markeder/produkter). Vi ser meget frem til, at fortsætte vores stærke samarbejde med Daiva.
Peter AbildhaugerCEO, Denmark

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